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Walt is the in-game dog. He interacts with the characters to help them solve the in-game puzzles. During gameplay, the player can switch between controlling the player-character and controlling Walt in order to complete tasks.


Walt's fur is black while his eyes, mouth, and paws are surrounded by brown fur. He wears a green vest with a Medical sign on it and wears a white collar with the sign on it.

Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War[]

On November 6, 2014, an exclusive comic about Walt was released as an update for Valiant Hearts iOS players. Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War details Walt's life before and at the beginning of the war.


  • Walt is a Doberman Pincher . While his breed is not stated in the game, it is confirmed on the official Valiant Hearts page and in the Dogs of War comic.
  • Walt is the only player character in the game who can not be killed. An exception to this is during driving sequences if the player fails.
  • During gameplay, Walt can be used to distract both French and German soldiers in order to move past him. Both sides find him equally charming.
  • In the Dogs of War comic, Walt was born on a farm near Cologne, Germany, in 1911. This means that at the beginning of the Valiant Hearts game in August 1914, he is 3 years old. At the end of the game (1918), Walt was 7 years old
  • Walt has a sister, Cassie, who does not appear in the Valiant Hearts game but features prominently in Dogs of War.
  • Walt's handler, Hans, appears in the Valiant Hearts game during chapters 1 and 4. His name, backstory, and friendship with Walt are explored more thoroughly in Dogs of War.
  • In some promotional materials, Walt is seen flying with George the Pilot, but these scenes never appear in the game.