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George is a character seen in promotional materials for Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Though originally presented as a playable character, his role in the final game is much reduced. He appears in only a single level, and is not controlled by the player. His personality and background are not presented in-game.

George's character bio states that he is a British pilot for the Royal Flying Corps who lied during enlistment and actually doesn't know how to fly a plane.


George wears a large brown coat with a pilot hat on his head. He wears large goggles over his eyes that have white fur inside.


Though shown in pre-launch trailers and promotional materials, George is not playable in the game.  He does appear near the end of the game though, directing Freddie where to shoot with a mortar cannon to destroy German mortar cannons near the end of the game. He is not seen after.


  • George was only featured in one trailer where he was flying a plane with Walt. The player does not actually fly a plane in the game.
  • George's removal from the game has not yet been explained.
  • George is never seen by himself either in trailers or in photos. He is always with another main character.
  • After spectating and finding out as much information about George as possible, the reason he might have been canceled is probably that he would add humor to the game. This might have ruined the game's sad but beautiful atmosphere.