Freddie is a playable character in Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Freddie is an American soldier who enlists as an engineer for the French and vows revenge on the Germans (particularly Von Dorf's regiment) who took away the life of his wife but in the story emile says ",I hope we'll meet again in heaven"


  • Freddie is a Creole man from Louisiana. He is the only playable American character in the game.
  • The United States had not yet joined the war in 1914; Freddie became involved in the war by voluntarily enlisting in the French Foreign Legion.
  • Freddie was born in La Place, Louisiana, on February 27, 1882 according to his official profile. He is 32 years old at the beginning of the game.
  • The only re-usable wire cutters in the game are the ones Freddie carries.
  • When his hat flies off, Freddie is bald.
  • Freddie has a younger brother who is mentioned in Freddie's diaries, but only appears in a cut scene.
  • After rescuing Anna's father from under the ruins of Fort Douaumont, Freddie earns the nickname "Lucky Freddie" upon returning to the allied lines, due to being presumed dead.
  • Most of Freddie's diary entries are written as letters to his deceased wife, Margaret.


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