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Hello everyone and welcome to GamerU. In this video we’re going to be going through the sixth level of the first Chapter in Valiant Hearts. Now we skipped the fifth level because there were no historical items.

So the first item is going to be located in the area where you’re sneaking away from these soldiers here. You’re going to need to start by going to the right but the item is actually to the left you just need to go here to get by the soldiers. SO once they run past start heading to your left and just creep along the edge here. So as they come back you’re going to need to hide for a second here and let them go over and past but you see the wall to the left that’s where the item is and once these soldiers past we’ll command the dog to go get that item for us. So we’ll let these guys look around for a bit. Alright, now that they’re gone we’ll head over and you can see it on the left there, we’ll just have the dog go pick it up for us.

Ok so the second item is going to be after you past those soldiers and pick up the wire clippers you can just cut through this fence then head down this ladder. And you’ll see to the left its dark but there’s some dirt there that you can dig through and that’s where you’ll find the next item.

So a little further on you’ll find a door that’s being blocked by a soldier and we’ll send out our dog and when he's distracted we’ll hit him in the head and then we’re going to go through that door and you’ll see a soldier on the left there, sorry buddy we’ll come back to you later. But if you head to your right in the building you’ll see the next item sitting on top of the crates so just hit the crates and the item will fall for you.

So this is a little further on in the level here you’re going to be doing some more sneaking and if you head into that door and go to your right, you should find the next item lying on the ground.

So the fifth item is going to be just to the right of the last one you’re going to need to pick up a bottle in the previous room and use it to distract this guard. So we’ll throw it over his head, run over and knock him out real quick. And then go into this room and just to your right, you’ll find the fifth item.

Ok so the last item in the level is going to be located all the way to the left where you get the keys, in that same area, you’ll find the last historical item.

Alright, that does it for this level. Thanks for watching and keep it tuned to GamerU for more tips on Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

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