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The Canadian Expeditionary Force was the designation of the field force created by Canada for service overseas in the First World War. The force fielded several combat formations on the Western Front in France and Belgium


  • Lee-Enfield 
  • Lewis gun

Vehicles Edit

  • Mark IV Tank 
  • Canadian Armoured Car(Not Seen In Game But its fact) 

Troops Gear Edit

  • Bag 
  • Colonial Helmet 
  • Red Patches In Canadian Soldier Arms(Used By Canadian Military Corps) 
  • Various Of Lee Enfield And Lewis Gun Bag 

Valiant Hearts: The Great WarEdit

the Canadian Expeditionary Force first appears in   Chapter 1 - Part 4: Ypres, where the characters meet up with a few soldiers, most of them are dead from the Chlorine Gas deployed by the germans, the charcaters help them to overcome the gas and they continue their journey

in Chapter 2 - Part 9: Ypres at the beggining of the level some Canadina soldiers are seen, the same ones from Chapter 1

in Chapter 4 - Part 20: Vimy Ridge shows the Canadians charging up Vimy Ridge where Freddie assist them during the battle and helps them to raise the flag



  • the Canadian soldiers have the same model as British soldiers but with a red armpatch
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