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The British Coins are a historical item which can be found by Emile in Neuville-Saint-Vaast during Chapter 1.


After reuniting with the dog, head to the far left of the trench tunnel and send him through the gap to grab this item beyond the soldier.


"While the war raged on, life continued and the economy too. The war economy was composed of both barter and currency systems. Soldiers purchased provisions in towns using their pay. In 1914 the pay of a British Private in a line regiment was 1 shilling a day, the standard "King's shilling". Obligatory deductions were made for a wife and children: 6 pence for the wife and 1 pence a day for each child. Nowadays 1 shilling has the estimated purchasing
power of about 3.21 GBP (5.42 USD). In 1971 the shilling was replaced by the 5 pence coin thanks to decimalisation."

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