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  • Yuuago

    Current To-Do List

    November 13, 2014 by Yuuago

    I decided to put together a list of things on the wiki that could be filled out/expanded. This way, I won't forget what needs to be worked on. There are a lot of pages that need content to be added (or just adjusted in some cases), and it's easier to keep track of it this way.

    These are mostly my own goals/stuff I want to work on, but of course other people can work on them too if they want.

    • Expand/Fill out the character pages for Emile and Karl
    • Put all historical items into subcategories divided by the relevant chapter.

    • Create a Historical Items page, subdivided by chapters, with links to each item per chapter
    • Fill out location + description on Historical Items that currently don't have them
    • Add correct images for Historical Items that don't ha…

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